The Thoughts Of A Millionaire

  • What I Promote Through Deeds and Speech I Will Receive Back To Me In Abundance – be it Happiness, Love, Money, Support, etc;
  • “Since nothing is fixed & everything is in a state of potential, everything is possible”;
  • “As we understand that everything is possible, & as we focus our thoughts on what we want to attract we can literally all into existence whatever we desire”;
  • I Can Command The Vibration I Am In, Causing Me To Be In Harmony With My Desire;
  • God ALWAYS hears me and answers me in one of 3 ways:

    • 1. Yes
    • 2. Not Yet
    • 3. I Have Something Better In Mind For You.;

  • Be Grateful For What You Have Currently Will Bring In More Things To Be Grateful For – Gratitude Brings In More;
  • Mark 11:24;
  • Follow Your Passion And The Money Will Follow;
  • Do Each Act In A Successful Manner;
  • You Have To WORK At Changing Your Thinking In Order To Change Your Mood;
  • Surround Yourself With People Who Will Motivate & Inspire & Push You Towards Your Goals and Weed Out The Negative Ones – If She Is A True Friend She Must Appreciate The Good and Not Promote The Bad;
  • Believe In The Truth Regardless Of Appearance;
  • Love Is Everything;
  • Pour Out Your Passion Before It Rips Your Heart Apart;
  • Think Before Your Act – Stretch The Gap Between An Act And A Response;
  • GOD Wants Me To Be Rich;
  • When Adversity Appears Ask God To Show You A Way Of How You Can Use It As A Stepping Stone To Your Wealth;
  • Spend More Of Your Leisure Time Visualizing Having Already Acquired or Achieved Your Goals, With Enthusiasm
  • The Law of Attraction is The Law of Love;
  • We Live In An Abundant Universe

– Musa23

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