How Is Your Faith These Days?

I got a call back sms from my mother about an hour ago – 4:04 am – she wanted me to fetch her since the night vigil at her church has ended.

After willing my body to get up to prepare for the “rescue” I began hearing running water as if someone was getting ready to take a bath.

I checked in the 2 bathrooms if my sister was adopting “sleep bathing” habits.

Baby sister was still in bed.

I found myself asking her, rhetorically so, whether she left the tap running outside.

I snickered to myself while walking off to investigate when she mumbled in a sleepy voice to repeat that.

I think she didn’t register that I believe she has it in her to get out of bed and stepping out, opening the tap water only to get in the house and climb back in to bed again.

So her I am with only my boxers on, at 10 minutes pass 4 in the morning, coming out the back of the house to evaluate the entire perimeter, only to find a headache waiting to happen.

Someone managed to wrench the tap out of its socket and left to leave our paid water gushing out mercilessly along the side of our home.

Maybe the fact that we do not have a gate or a fence or wall around the main entrance of our home gave the perpetrator the idea that she can be at home and borrow our tap for a while with no intention of bringing it back.

So I managed to close up the supply of water to the home so that the mini flood would come to an end.

I got back in to the house, to take in what has occurred and allow myself to take my time to Respond To This Stimuli.

I put on more clothes and drove up Old Potch road heading to Universal Church to fetch ma.

All the while during my drive, after being grateful and naming most of the things God has given and blessed me with, it really was A Matter Of Choice.

In that I could have chosen to get REALLY ticked off about the dent an underdeveloped few within my community had left on my family.

Or I could use this opportunity to pray and become closer to God by thanking Him for His Strength, His Guidance, His Warmth and Will to rise above backward thinking in the form of retaliation.

I was also thankful that I still have my family, and the other 99% of the community that loves, supports and cares of one another.

If we have to supply the entire township with taps, so be it.

There was a quote from a gentleman who I must do research on who said that “we came into the world to be givers, and not receivers.”

A message I kept repeating to myself so to block out emotions of being attacked which would keep me in a state of vibration that would only attract more attacks.

Such things happen in 3s only if you expect and believe and thus attract it.

I would rather be in a powerful state of gratitude, and humility and use temporary setbacks to become closer to my God –

  • the rich omnipresent substance of the Universe.
  • The Source, Supply, Support and Success for all my good.

Temporary adversity comes into my life to make me stronger due to the strength I would need to overcome.

You can’t Pull Me Down with a tow rope when I am as abundant as a mountain.

I tower above you like the fear you allow in your heart, causing you to allow sin in your actions.

– Musawenkosi Tshoaele

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