I Am Too Legit To Quit!

I would like to tell you about this acid that burns in my heart in one of my future blog entries.

It’s an acidic reaction that I have come to love because I believe it’s my passion manifested.

But what I do want to tell you about today is my conversation with uSisi Phumzile (“Sisi” is Zulu for Sister, usually used to show respect for an elderly woman) who is a colleague at work.

We spoke about what do you have to do to become a person who “swims in money?”

This was spiked by how impressed I was about how this guy I know at work finds a way to deal with:

  • his car payments and expenses;
  • the newborn in his life;
  • the house that he owns and
  • his wife and still manage to not allow all these responsibilities make him curl up in a corner because they overwhelm him.

Sis’ Phumzile pointed out that there is a verse in the bible that says being envious is a sin.

To which I countered by suggesting that there probably is another verse that contradicts that one.

And that being envious with bad intent is bad but using that emotion of envy to be inspired is powerful and proactive.

And that was when she recalled a time she went to go visit a friend in the surburbs only to be enthralled by the high level of success radiating from their home.

Material worth which – after returning from her visit – she did not have in hers.

I silently desired to see this home she went in to and make regular visits to it so that I can be inside an environment that is in harmony with what I desire for my life.

To understand why I would want to do this, I want you to must ask yourself:

How do you except to live a life of luxury if you frown upon the luxurious life of others?

  • that mustard Hummer that they drive;
  • the double storey house that they live in;
  • the expensive school they send their children too;
  • the very attractive spouse that they have;
  • they company that they work for;
  • the extra amount of zeros they have in their bank account.

I mean these are some of the things that any person can achieve through planning, determination, focus, persistence and faith but which many tend to throw dirt on or critices.

I told Sis’ Phumzile that it all starts with a change of mindset.

To train the mind to think of abundance and a world without limits from our current mindset of lack and limitations.

Limitations set by no one else but onesself.

I also mentioned that you would need to work at this change because change won’t happen from:

  • you just watching tv or
  • wrapped within the warmth of your blankets or
  • doing the same thing everyday thinking that change will come knocking on your door telling you that she has arrived.

How strong is your willpower to work towards change?

What are you willing to sacrifice to achieve this change?

What will keep you going when you don’t see the results you worked so hard for before you at a specific point in time?

And what makes you so happy that, even if you had all the money in the world, you would do everyday?

Questions I internalized and as a result led to this blog update.

Another thing we touched on was how some of the priests would end up being hypocrites by doing the contrary to what they preach on the altar.

To which Sis’ Phumzile replied something along the lines of:

“take what works well and what can help improve your life, and disregarding what offends or doesn’t work for you.”

“And that can be done by not listening with the intent to critises, but with the intent to learn, heal, to be cleansed and grow…”

– Musa23

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