I Should Rather Go In First If I Dare Lead You Into A Lion’s Den

Friday, 22 August 2008.

I should learn to practice what I preach, instead of focusing on how other people should run their lives.

So instead of posting an entry and then forgetting about it – with the idea of having fulfilled my objective – I should rather write and read through it and see how I could apply what I wrote to my own personal life.

I realized this after receiving a call on my cellphone from a particular soul who works in the legal department of an insurance company.

He was claiming back from me the damages I caused on one of their client’s car, with me not having cover at the time they have no choice but attempt to claim it back from me.

Yeah…it was ripping open on old wound.

I denied the incident ever happening and hang up on him, only to have him calling me through my work number.

The nerve??

I told him to that I will need to make some calls to find whether he has grounds to issue such a request on me – not even giving him the time to tell me how much does he want from me.

And it turns out he did have the grounds to make such a claim.


A colleague suggested we take some time out and go for a smoke break, a breather which made it possible for me to take a step back and assess the situation objectively.

The “release” allowed me to make sense of what has happened and what needed to be done from that point onwards.

So in between drags it was then I realized that I could have handled the telephone conversation better.

A lesson was learnt:

  • the gap between an act and a response needs to be stretched in order for me to respond in a manner worthy of my level of intelligence.

It reminded me of a movie where the bad guy was asked by one of his cronies why I he isn’t getting angry from the way the good guy always finds a way of slipping through their fingers, to which he replied:

“Getting angry drops my IQ level, so in the end I would be both angry and stupid…”

As I wrote this I asked myself: as good as it looks on paper, how realistic is this principle of widening one’s gap between stimuli and response?

But then I asked myself again where does the phrase “Think Before You Act” come from if Stephen R. Covey’s principle can’t be applied in everyday life?

And I can only master this principle through practical application, as often as I can.

It would take some work and persistence from my side to reach this Utopia, depending on how badly I want it.

The other lesson came when I took that breather to stop the “screaming” that was going on in my head, a breather which I took to focus on my next move instead of fussing over what has already occurred.

My girlfriend let’s me scream into my pillow so to let loose.

I believe that passion must be expressed externally, so not to build up inside until it would possibly manifests into a sickness.

So I slept this pass Friday with a heavy heart.

Which is a big no no especially when one doesn’t want to wake up the following morning feeling the same way, amongst other reasons.

I should have rather prayed to God for strength and/or asked Him to lift off some of the weight from my heart, being grateful for the fact that He hears me and will take care of me.

Because when I hurt He hurts, all I need do is ask for His upliftment from levels of discomfort so to be closer to levels abundant supply of wealth and prosperity.

Saturday, 23 August 2008

So not to become a walking contradiction I took my own advise and I got my beautiful buttocks out of bed and took a 45 minute walk to shift my mood.

I came back from my walk feeling lighter.


The point I highlighted to myself here is that my mood wouldn’t have changed if I remained in bed and not doing my part to work at change.

For change to happen in need to work.

From this I proved to myself that what I write about is not fictional or idealistic but practical and realistic.

Sunday, 24 August 2008

So, as much as I don’t want to admit it, I have to be grateful to this “soul” for teaching me 3 lessons:

Lesson #1 – That I have to choose how I react to certain situations.

Lesson # 2 – That I need to release my discomfort/ passion.

Lesson # 3 – That I must never sleep with a heavy heart.

He needs to call again to teach me more of life’s lessons…

– Musa23

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