We Should Stop Burying One Another Alive

As idealistic as it may sound, I want all of us to work at being happy, all the time, and if you aren’t you are burying yourself alive.

If I am not happy then it means I am thinking thoughts that have derailed me from the track of abundance and wealth and prosperity I was on.

And once you derail from the rails of “Feel-Goodness” the only thing you will experience is everything EXCLUDING the good.

So since I love you, I can’t sit by and allow such uncool experiences manifest day in and day out in both our lives.

I’ve been there, it’s not a lekker (the “lekker” is taken from the Afrikaans language meaning good or cool or nice) feeling.

So I dig myself out from this by working towards being HAPPY.

It’s work because it might even involve you getting out of bed and taking a long walk, playing around with clear images in your head of how you would want your life to be.

Affirming to yourself that God or the Universe is shifting circumstances and people around to make it possible for you to think and grow rich.

It is work because it might involve you reading an inspirational book or novel.

Try out Matthew 7:7-10 and/or Mark 11:24 and/or Proverb 28:19 for size.

You have to work because you might even have to switch on your favorite song and sing along – out long preferably – to it, in order to rise from the unworthy levels you temporarily slipped in.

“Would you be my baby…ohh… If I had more money…ooh…Would that make you love me…hhoo…Would that make you love me…more”Evolution of Robin Thicke

You have to work because it might also mean dancing and RELEASING ALL THOSE BAD VIBES not worthy of your inner mental garden of beauty.

You must be conscious of what you plant in the garden of mind because it would either grow into an Eden of assorted delights you can indulge yourself in, under their irresistible shade.

Or you will harvest weed which darkness your heart, and all the things around you.

Your mission is to be the Light.

Light up the darkness and sing and dance and laughand be happy, all the time.

I am in this journey with you so I will show you how I glow, in the hopes of you doing the same for me.

Did I tell you that I love you though?

I have to because love is everything.

– Musawenkosi Tshoaele

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