Why I Believe Critics ROCK!!

After reading a comment made by Thubelihle and not being able to fully express my thoughts in the comment box, I thought it best to write this entry.

I think they {critics, haters, media, family members, etc;-)} criticises what they see contradicts their own personal material worth or material status or mindset.

This contradiction leads to a reactive response in the form of jealousy, to name one.

With comments like “…I can’t stand butt-kissers” or “Musa stole his way into becoming a millionaire” or whatever negative energies directed towards that particular seeker of wealth.

So instead of being inspired by her growth and success, they instead criticise with the idea of casting a shadow of suspension and doubt on her name.

Attempting by all means to diminish its magnificence and level of your height above the mundane.

Trying with every chance they get to bring her achievements and EXTRAordinary way of life down to their level

The way I see it, they HAVE to exists at a lower level than you in order for them to “bring you down,” if you get what I mean.

So that means you function at a higher plane than most.

Especially those who cast stones at you in the form of blasphemy (at times even literally) hoping with all their might that you would buckle and break and fall down to your knees.

Down to your knees so that you can be at the same eye level as them.

Making you temporarily lie on a plane which you have totally grown out of.

It’s like being angry at someone who is doing her honours at university level, while you are still trying to get use to the idea of going through primary school…

I think, and I might be wrong, that they feel a sense of worthiness from the attention they get from like minded individuals.

And it is because of this sense of purpose that they continue to work backwards by being antagonists.

You can never advance in life while making a habit of frustrating over the growth and success of your fellow men.

In rugby it’s like swinging the ball sideways, attracting the traffic – in the form of those who promote your ignorance by lending an equally ignorant ear – but not moving forward.

What I love best about their existence is that them focusing and fussing about your advancement, is only pushing you even closer towards a lifestyle of more success, more wealth, more prosperity.

My motivation is from an example you can experience first hand.

Take a moment and be conscious of a particular thing you or someone else is complaining about.

By fully aware of the emotions associated while with the passion or repetitiveness of this thing you might be complaining about.

Now notice how not only is the “problem” getting worse, but more things to complain about come channeling into your life.

Or anything else that would justify the way you might be feeling at the time, for that matter.

That is where the express “When it rains, it pours” comes from.

Now take this proposed “principle” and apply against anyone who might be against your achievements & advancement in your life…

It can only benefit you, and not the antagonist.

That is why I welcome constructive or attempted destructive criticism because I win either way.

And that is why I, Musawenkosi Tshoaele, believe haters are the best!!

– Musawenkosi Tshoaele

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