The fear of Death from Think and Grow Rich

Find herein my summarised notes from Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich

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“#6 The fear of Death from Think & Grow Rich”

“To some this is the cruelest of all the basic fears.”

“The fear of death is not as common now as it was during the age when there were no great colleges & universities.”

“Through the aid of biology, astronomy, geology & other related sciences, the fears of the dark ages that gripped the minds of people & destroyed their reason have been dispelled.”

“This fear is useless.”

“Death will come, no matter what anyone may think about it.”

“Accept it as a necessity & pass the thought out of your mind.”

“It must be necessity or it would not come at all.”

“The enter world is made up of only two things, energy & matter.”

“In elementary physics we learn that neither matter or energy can be created or destroyed.”

“Both matter & energy can be transformed.”

“Life is energy…”

“If neither energy nor matter can be destroyed, of course life cannot be destroyed.”

“Life, like other forms of energy, may be passed through various processes of transition or change, but it cannot be destroyed”.

“Death is a mere transition.”

“If death is not mere change or transition, then nothing comes after death except a long, eternal peaceful sleep, & sleep is nothing to be feared.”

“Thus you may wipe out, forever, the fear of death…”

notes above where extracted from Think and Grow Rich.

…and in closing.

– Musawenkosi Tshoaele

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