How I Amplify Getting Everything That I Want, And Now Own

I am beginning to respect my wall.

I am attempting to use the one I have on my facebook account to write up my affirmations but the wall I’m referring to in this blog is the one I have in my room.

After the cousin I mentioned here introduced me to the law of attraction – which I am, of late, calling the law of love – I cut out a picture of a car I wanted and stuck it on my wall.

So I kept on seeing this car in my room (lol! that didn’t sound right, but anyway) and for that moment I imaged how independent and good it would fell to have one.

While dressing up, before I go to bed, waking up or being in, a room I am mostly in, I would glance at it, consciously or subconsciously.

Even seeing it in my peripheral view made it possible for me to believe, at that very moment & time, Musa had a car.

I was motivated and inspired to get one, so I put to action ways of making what I believed in my heart and mind (what I refer to as the Truth) into the physical world (what is see around me which I termed as Appearance, thanks to the writings in The Science of Getting Rich).

Every step I took seemed to be “pulling” me closer to my Palio.

Every time I saw my Palio in my room it reminded me of what my main desire, of what my main goal at the time was.

Which led to calls being made.

Even after my application was declined by Absa Bank I kept on pushing on.

I remembered Wallace Wattles – or was it Napoleon Hill? – mentioning that I shouldn’t allow myself to be disappointed.

Especially after encountering the illusion of failure.

Failure is a way of God or the Universe telling you that a different path filled with fruitful results has been laid out for, and the one you were on wasn’t the one prepared for you.

So in retrospect it was my persistence and vision AND informing those close to me about what I wanted to attract into my life.

Which made it possible for the Truth to mould into the Appearance in the form of me getting my Palio.

I say this ‘cause it – call it inspiration, God, the Universe, intuition – led me to a lady I work with having to bring a newspaper from home, which had an ad’ of the car I wanted.

Calls led to faxes which led to the pick which led to:

I thank God for the goodness, the love, the wealth and abundance He surrounds me with.

As I write this I recall a time I also cut up a picture of a personal computer with its own personalized specifications.

A couple of weeks went by only to receive an email from a friend selling a pc.

I negotiated with him into selling me one with my desired specs and at a cheaper price and here I am typing out my next blog post on it.

The more I write about how grateful am for “my wall” and how it just keeps on GIVING me all and then some, the more I am humbled but it.

Not so long ago I put up a picture of a modem, for both my pc & my laptop (it’s in italic because I am yet to mold it into the physical).

Having the patience and meditating over it’s acquisition through prayer; I eventually walked up into one of their outlets and inquired buying it.

After I was informed about my bad network coverage at the area I live in and recommended to opt for a desktop only version, I suggested I would need time to consider the offer and left to ask around for a possible counter offers.

I got my counter offer.

Hence the wireless pc/laptop modem I am now using.

A modem which I am grateful for alongside all my worldly possessions.

I currently have principles covered in two pages up on my all (that reminds I must look out for a picture of my laptop, thanks for the reminder) that I would like to put up for you also in my next post.

They are from Wallace Wattles who I touched on in an earlier post, so if you are a fan, just like me, I know you will join me in my daily affirmations.

You know, I’m getting used to associating myself with Success.

A habit I will get used to regardless of it taking me out of my comfort zone.

Thank you for reading, and I would appreciate it if you were to leave a comment of a possible link that is relative to this post.

Do you have or read about sites/blogs which talk about almost the same topic?

Can you leave a link in the comments below for me & all my readers?

Thanks in advance.

Update: What I want to add as a disclaimer to the post above is that you can use whatever technique or affirmation, but if you do not have the “death wish” like Purpose behind it, nothing will come from your attempts.

I repeat, it all depends on How Bad Do You Want It.

– Musawenkosi Tshoaele

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