Why Aren’t We all Millionares? Part II

Update: The following in a follow up from Why Aren’t We all Millionares? Part I

I believe it all boils down to your thinking & beliefs.

If you keep telling yourself things like:

  • Life is hard, life is difficult;
  • Life is unfair;
  • I am struggling;
  • It’s because of this that I don’t have that;
  • I am always broke;
  • I don’t have money;
  • I can’t do anything to change how things are, this is how life is;
  • Etc.

It’s because of these, and lots I haven’t mentioned, negative and binding thoughts – and more importantly the belief in them – that prevents people to not only become millionaires, but to remain within their own world of underdevelopment.

They are comfortable with this reality.

Anything outside this reality makes them uncomfy & automatically blocks off any advancing thoughts related to it.

If you keep thinking in terms of lack – for example:”I don’t have money, that’s too expensive so I cannot afford to buy that.” Do you think you would be opening yourself up to getting your hands on whatever that maybe or would you just be re-affirming that position of “lack” you keep telling everybody about?

Yourself included.

Thus making you experience a life of lack and the frustration and possible depression that comes along with it.

Mohamed Ali wasn’t born the “King Of The World,” he became one.

– Musawenkosi Tshoaele

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