Why Aren’t We All Millionares? Part I

I am not asking this out of frustration or anger or trying to be sarcastic.

This is a genuine question: Why aren’t we all millionaires?

I was thinking of taking this one step further and ask: Why aren’t you a millionaire?

But so not offend, by making people question their comfort zone, I will leave that one for a possible future post.

This question I am posing to you on my post title was inspired by a call I made to a friend who, I believe, has a R 1 million idea but isn’t making him a millionaire.

Far from it actually.

It got me thinking…why aren’t we all millionaires?

So I thought I could ask you, my honorable reader, to help me out in understand myself better, through your views and comment regarding this question.

So I would deeply appreciate it if you would that the time and ask yourself this question mentioned above and leave a comment in reply to this.

Why aren’t we all millionaires?

Update: Here is what I think.

– Musawenkosi Tshoaele

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