How To Use The Law of Attraction: The 7 Universal Principles by Will Edwards

This is an excerpt of the one of the ebooks I downloaded from the White Dove Books website I recommended on my previous blog.

It’s the 6th principle that hit home for me and thought it would be a perfect continuation from where I last ended with “Generosity”.

I hope you downloaded it.

You did didn’t you?

…you didn’t.

Oh no you didn’t?

Nope Musa23 is not impressed, not impressed at all:-D!!

You need a spanking…with a cricket bat…in the middle of a sold out football stadium with me wearing British police uniform…


I crack myself out sometimes!

Ok ok…now where was I?

Oh yes the 7 Universal Principles:

“1. The Principle of Manifestation”

“Proposes that overall consciousness is something we choose as human beings.”

“People can choose to be conscious so that they can have complete and total awareness in the here and now.”

“We constantly ask ourselves the main question that pertains to current consciousness, even though we may not completely recognize it: we want to know what focused consciousness can positively create for us.”

“2. The Principle of Magnetism”

“Concerns equal return for our thinking.”

“You can only attract energy of like kind.”

“If you put out positive emotions and thoughts, then you can expect to pick up positive associations.”

“The universe is full of energy that is constantly being recycled by us and also moves within us.”

“Each person is an important member of a delicate creation seeking complete balance – a life lesson adopted by just about every culture on the planet.”

“People naturally seem to understand that, much of what you get in life is dependent on what you give.”

“3. The Principle of Pure Desire”

“States that your intentions will have a great impact on the return you get.”

“…in order for those intentions to be pure, you must be thinking in a state that is free of any fear, doubt, or notion of desperation.”

“Your motives must be clear and worthy if you are going to receive a positive response…”

“4. The Principle of Paradoxical Intent”

“Dictates the way that situations evolve as a result of direct thought.”

“If you act in desperation, for example, then a contradiction will be created that will result in a negative return on your intended energy.”

“Because you are desperate in your thoughts, a certain vibration will be sent out which will have a negative impact on the world around you.”

“Because of this, people who might otherwise have been in position to help you will be pushed away.”

“5. The Principle of Harmony”

“Concerns a person’s ability to gain the good things they want in life.”

“If you make a choice to live in harmony with the universe and do not put out negative vibes, then you will effectively set yourself up for a plethora of good feelings and positive results.”

“This can only happen if a person makes the conscious decision to align themselves with people around them and the flow of the universe.”

“6. The Principle of Right Action”

“Many people do not understand the overriding power of their own personal energy.”

“Energy is constantly expanding in the world.”

“If you work hard enough to have a large personal positive vibration, then that good energy can be felt throughout the world.”

“…if you make the conscious decision to live a quality life that promotes happiness for those around you, then the positive power of influence will eventually expand to impact all of those people and things that are around you.”

This taken from one of Will Edwards downloadable free success ebooks.

– Musawenkosi Tshoaele

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