How To Deal With Anger

You know, there was a time when I believed being angry made me stronger?

The addictive adrenaline rush that I got from this anger I cultivated inside me used to make me feel empowered.

But everything I touched while in that emotional state got spoiled or rotten or gave me another reason to get even more pissed off.

It’s something that I have noticed with the relationship my baby sister has with my mom.

Sister is angry with mom because of mom involving her (sister) with the dispute she (mom) has/having with dad, amongst other things.

Parents separated.

Regular maintenance court appearances.

Something else for sister to add to her personal list of “things-to-get-angry-at-mom-for.”

Being able to communicate with someone, in the attempt to highlight the benefits of believing – with unwavering faith – on her guidance, especially when that person cannot see what you are talking about with their untrained eye is…

What’s the word…?

Let’s just say it would require supernatural abilities for someone to master this.

But never stopping finding new avenues of communicating these words of guidance, in the attempt to guide someone you love through hard times, is my definition of true love.

So with that said I will counter the anger she has for ma with the love I have for her.

Because after the discussion I had with mom this morning, she has to accept that sister will hate her now, but love her tomorrow.

So in the interim I will do my part and root for both teams.

Praying and being grateful that God is taking care of us, through thick and thin.

– Musawenkosi Tshoaele

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