James Arthur Ray from “The Secret”

“…I also find so many people who make a tremendous amount of money but their relationship stink…and that’s not wealth either.
You can go after the money, but doesn’t guarantee you’ll be wealthy.

I’m not suggesting that money isn’t a part of wealth, it absolutely is.

But it’s only a part.

And then I meet a lot of people who are quote/unquote spiritual, but they are sick and broke all the time.

That’s not wealth either.

Life is meant to be abundant – in all areas.”

This was said by James Arthur Ray from The Secret DVD & book, one of many experts of the Law of Attraction.

My interpretation of the above is that it takes more than walking from door to door handing out religious booklets or going to church and feel you have done your part in living out God’s work from you presence to live a life of wealth in abundance.

“Oh that’s good. Musa has come to choir practice today, God bless his soul.”

I believe there is nothing more aspiration than reaching a point in your life where you are so wealthy financially, physically, mentally and in spirit that you overflow with it in the form of gratitude to God.

Overflowing with Generosity, philosophizing His magnificence, because you would be living proof of it.

Update: Allow God, every time you go/ don’t go to church, to help you to grow more in a area that you feel you lack in your life
(the areas I’m am talking about are: Relational, Financial, Physical, Mental & Spiritual),

and be open to the messages, in answer to your prayer of thanksgiving, She will send your way.

Go to James Ray’s site to get an idea of what I am taking about.

Yours in abundant wealth

– Musawenkosi Tshoaele

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